Environmental Policy

Ecological Character

Within the framework of respect for the environment, the hotel BIO SUITES HOTEL has decided since 2009 to comply with rules and practices that help to build a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children. This task is difficult and time consuming, so, for that reason we will present only some of our actions, because our efforts will be ongoing.

To save water, the hotel has now installed sensors in all public areas. In our gardens, an automatic watering system that helps to save water has been installed.

To conserve energy, lamps with Led technology have been placed in all public areas as well as lighting photocells wherever necessary. Also there are solar water heaters to provide hot water without wasting energy. In the kitchen of the restaurant we use gas.

Special recycling bins have been placed in public areas for batteries, plastic, glass and paper as well as special bins in the kitchen for recycling oil.

Finally, ecological cleaning products are used at the hotel for both the environment and for personal health, as the use of non-green products could be harmful to anyone suffering from a disease.

GREEN KEY – International Award and quality sign for the protection of the environment.

The BIO SUITES HOTEL has achieved the international GREEN KEY award and is now a «green» hotel that offers its clients quality products and environmentally friendly services. As a result of the above-mentioned good environmental practice, the hotel takes care of:

  • The reduction of electrical power
  • Managing water without waste
  • The quality of the food and drinks that are used, including the use of environmentally friendly products and hygiene products
  • The upgrading of warehouses and the safe storage of materials that can harm the environment
  • The separation and correct management of waste
  • The training/informing of our staff
  • Compliance with the relevant national and EU legislation.

Thereby, we encourage our customers and employees to adopt environmentally friendly practices, ensuring protection and promoting sustainability.

ISO 9001:2008 for the organization of the operation of the hotel and the procedures that are applied, in order to ensure the quality of provided services and to maximize the client’s satisfaction.

Due to the developments in business procedures, compliance to the rules and international standards requirements, the Bio Suites Hotel has achieved the “ISO 9001″ certification for its Management System of its Operation of Quality.

The commitment of management, since 2006 has been to its basic business model, i.e. certified quality operation and the recognition of all of the standard specifications as specified in the above-mentioned international standard. Management’s response to this is daily monitoring to ensure compliance and the continuing improvement in implementation with the aim of providing the complete care and satisfaction of both customers and employees. Quality control of the implementation of the operating procedures in all sections of the hotel is carried out daily and the results are immediately evaluated by management, so that in case there are any deviations the necessary adjustments can be made, in the customer’s interest, without any delay.

The time for holidays is limited and so it is especially important!
The management of BIO SUITES HOTEL respects this time and takes care of continuous and complete customer satisfaction, a detail that distinguishes the hotel in the market and which is its competitive advantage.

ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) for managing the health, safety and quality of foods that are offered by the ΒΙΟ SUITES HOTEL.

Beyond the carefully selected raw ingredients, in the BIO SUITES HOTEL we have invested in facilities, equipment, manpower and have developed modern practices. These enable us to ensure the quality and safety of the food that we manage, all the way from the initial selection of supplies and the confirmation of strict quality criteria upon receipt of these supplies at the hotel, to the presentation of ready meals in the buffet.

The refrigerators are designed so that there are independent refrigerated spaces and the modern kitchen has special equipment for every food processing sector. Our experienced staff takes care of compliance to the provisions of the Greek and the European legislation on hygiene and food safety, the application of procedures and techniques and that directions are followed in order to be able to ensure high quality, and maintain the nutritional value and freshness of the food in all dishes.

We implement a certified HACCP system, according to the international standard ISO 22000:2005. We continuously implement quality checks upon receiving the raw materials / food, during their storage, processing and serving and we are dedicated to maintaining food safety laws and standards for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers. Quality for us means respect for expectations, health care and safety of the food that we offer to our customers and satisfying their needs in the best possible way.

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